Thursday, 2 June 2016

Learn ukulele in 5 easy lessons!

I remember meeting the wonderful Mike Jackson over 15 years ago, with his bright personality and engaging knowledge of entertaining youngsters.  He loves sharing his passion for music with children and he hasn't stopped!

Mike Jackson is an Australian Children’s Entertainer, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Radio Show Host and Author.  He is perhaps best known for his hit version of Bananas In Pyjamas and appearances on ABC Television.   If you're in my age group, you may even remember watching him on tv!

He's been kind enough to visit Musicroom in London and share some of his wisdom about playing ukulele – a talent which he’s cultivated over a career spanning 40 + years in the ukulele game.

Check out these 5 videos here on how to learn to play ukulele from scratch.

You can also find his books here if you'd like to know more.
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