Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Try Kindermusik for 4 weeks

You are invited to come along and join a series of Kindermusik classes with your young child for 4 weeks at a special introductory price.

Every 4 weeks we have a new theme. This means that for 4 weeks you can become familiar with the routine, music and activities, use the digital @home materials with all the activities offered, and get to know some other wonderful musical families who live nearby.

Choose either Thursday mornings from 10:30-11:15am
or Friday mornings from 10:30-11:15am.
(** Friday classes definitely scheduled. Thursday is subject to more enrolments.)

Regular cost per class is $15/45min lesson.
Or sign up for the 4 weeks for $50.

All classes held at The Boilerhouse,
Jacksons Hill, Sunbury (Victoria 3429)

If you'd like more information, please check the website

or call Miss Catherine: 0431 822 132

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Find your way to us at The Boilerhouse, Sunbury!

Kindermusik classes started running at The Boilerhouse, Sunbury, in term 2, 2016.

If you aren't familiar with the location of Jacksons Hill, hopefully this will help you find your way to meet with us!

The Boilerhouse is easy to spot as you approach Jacksons Hill with its towering chimney.  It is also the location of the Boilerhouse Theatre Company and Sunbury Art Society.

The most direct route is down Barkly Street. As you travel further down the road, this becomes The Avenue. 

Take a left at the roundabout to Circular Drive.  This is now a one-way street. Follow it around and up the hill, until you come to a road turning left (this is Boiler House Road). You will have passed the gymnasium and community radio station, but not yet passed the school. Follow this road down toward the large building with the tall chimney. Parking is available around to the side and back.

Enter the building via the main sliding doors, and into the gallery. Kindermusik classes are held in the front room on your right.

To find your way out again, you must exit LEFT at the school and continue down the hill to arrive back at The Avenue. Turn right to head back to Sunbury's shopping centre and main roads. 

I hope that helps!  If you have any queries at all, 

please don't hesitate to contact me: 0431 822132
or check website for more information.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Travel around town, rhyming as you go!

Our next 4 week "Wiggle and Grow" unit is Rhyme Around Town! We're going to be exploring some funny rhyming words in the supermarket, visiting a cobbler, listening to traffic and taking a bus ride!  Lots and lots of fun for you to share with your toddler, and then use the ideas in your daily routines to continue engaging your child through the week.

Come along and join in the fun!  Ask me about how to sign up for a preview class.

Wiggle & Grow (ages 2-3) family class is held on Thursdays at 10:30am, at The Boilerhouse, Jacksons Hill, Sunbury.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Explore how the wind moves!

Teaching children to recognise things they can't see can be tricky.  Using visuals and exploring through play is how children learn new concepts.

These past weeks, we've explored how the wind moves by playing with bubbles and scarves.  Whilst we've done many other activities to learn about wind in class, here's an activity you can do with your child at home. Grab a scarf, or large handkerchief, and pretend it's a tree or leaves blowing in the wind.

We still have one more lesson of our "Up In The Sky" unit, held at The Boilerhouse in Sunbury on Thursday at 10:30am.  If you'd like to join us, feel free to contact Miss Catherine or check website for more information.