Sunday, 20 March 2016

Kindermusik at The Boilerhouse

New VENUE and CLASSES for term 2, 2016!

I am very happy to announce that I have acquired the use of a room at The Boilerhouse at Jacksons Hill, Sunbury.

This means I can now offer music classes on THURSDAY mornings for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, plus a class on WEDNESDAY afternoons for families.

Please check the website for more information:
or call/sms Miss Catherine on 0431 822 132.

Enrolments for term 2 are now open!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Marching with the music!

One of my fondest early music memories is from the time we'd pull out my father's records and listen to his military marching music.  We'd march around the room, pretending to play the trumpet, trombone or drums, or even be the leader with the grand baton. Sometimes, Dad would get out his trumpet for us to try and play, or he'd play along with the music .. because he used to play in a military band! I think the fact that I could imagine him actually playing with all those other people in the band made it all the more exciting.

These were such fun times.  I enjoyed sharing some similar moments with my children when they were young, and I still want to share them with my students today.

A young student finished up her piano lesson with a fun bit of marching this afternoon.  We actually started out with practising drumming out a regular rhythm: minim, minim, crotchet, crotchet, minim.  Starting slowly and experimenting getting a little bit faster, but still keeping the same timing going.

My goal for the end of the lesson was to play this rhythm against the famous Radetzky March by Strauss I. We called Mum and her younger sister come and join us as we played along to the music.

This is a very popular piece, so sharing it with children at a young age will spark memories in their future. It's a piece which offers a lot of possible learning points for many ages.  Just clapping in time, or beating a wooden spoon on a saucepan lid, is enough to start with.  Learning a rhythm as I chose to do today is a step up from that, and takes some more co-ordination to do the faster staccato notes.  If you want to listen to the whole piece, then twirl around together or sway through the more melodious section before coming back and beating along with the marching beat.  You may also choose to listen for the dynamic changes, with exaggerated marching for the louder parts as opposed to normal walking around for the quieter moments.

Older students also benefit from learning a bit of history with this piece.  Who was Radetzky? He became a national hero fighting the French during the Napoleonic Wars.  In 1849 he led his last campaign in Italy at the age of 82. Do your children know anyone around that age? It would have been a huge undertaking, which is why such a wonderful piece was written in his honour by Johann Strauss I.  This music is still regularly played during Vienna's annual New Year's Day concert, with all the audience enthusiastically joining in and clapping their hands to the infectious beat.

So, get our your home-made percussion instruments, cardboard trumpet tubes, feather duster batons and enjoy a march around the living room with your family to this wonderful march!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Musical corkboards!

Finding fun ways to create your own music isn't that hard to do. There are lots of crafty ideas around.

Here's a fabulous post put up by NANCYs Hive showing how her children explored making shapes on a corkboard with some pins and rubber bands.  This is a way of allowing your child to practice using some finer motor skills during some construction work, as well as exploring all the different sounds (ie: pitch) they can make.  Visually, this is very appealing to youngsters. I encourage everyone to have a go!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Music on the Brain

Even my husband is singing the praises of this episode on Catalyst tonight.  It confirmed what every Kindermusik parent knows: music was our first language and is still at the heart of all our emotional communication and experience. Our music playlist carries us through life's journey and is essential to have in our last years for joy and emotional enrichment, but it must be personal to convey the intimate meaning and create the desired emotional response.

This episode is now up to view online at iview:

Monday, 7 March 2016

Preview a Kindermusik class!

Have you booked your free preview class yet?

I'm running classes on Fridays at 10:15am
in Sunbury, Vic.

If you're interested in joining us, please contact me.

Details on the website: